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Saturday, March 29, 2014

Tutorial: Birthday Makeup Pictorial

Hello Loves!

I have had some requests to how I did my birthday makeup, so, I did a tutorial on it.
Here is the look I am talking about:

The tutorial will not include individual lashes to show what it looks like with just mascara as an FYI.
Tutorial after the jump!

Face of the Day: Kim Kardashian American Vogue Cover Look

Hello Loves!

Sorry for being MIA for this week, I had 3 exams and of course I wanna do well and they all went better than expected! That's all you can ask for is to meet or surpass your expectations. So, Friday, I had to unwind by doing my makeup while watching Youtube.

Yesterday I created a smokey look based off of Kim Kardashian's Vogue cover.
Here is the final look!

More pictures and full product list after the jump!

Monday, March 24, 2014

Swatch and Haul: Birthday Shiro Cosmetics Order

Hello loves!

I got in my Shiro Cosmetics order. I was so excited to come back from class this morning to find the package at my door and it shipped earlier than expected!

Shiro Cosmetics is an indie makeup company that is owned by the lovely Caitlin and has been around for a few years now. I have previously ordered from them and have been pleased with how prompt it had shipped and arrived (compared to the TAT on the website). This time around it still shipped before TAT but wasn't as quick as my first order. But, USPS tracking is not good and well, I didn't where my package was at until discovering it at my door.

Before ordering, I emailed Caitlin if they were still selling Twilight Realm and Dark Sacrifice, which are soon to be discontinued colors. Thankfully, she said they are still selling it, and I found a link to where I could find the colors. I ordered mainly because I needed these two colors.

And look at everything I got. I definitely didn't get just the two colors. 

More pictures and all the swatches after the jump!

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Face of the Day: My Birthday Makeup

Hello, hello, hello!
I finally get to posting my birthday makeup! I used one of my favorite indie eyeshadows, Shiro Cosmetics Dark Scarifice, to create this look. This is actually a modification on a look I did months ago on my old reddit account and I loved how this eyeshadow made my eyes look.

You know what the sad part is? This eyeshadow is soon to be discontinued :( BOOOOOOO. I thankfully ordered a full sized of the eyeshadow. Also, expect to see a haul and swatches of my Shiro Cosmetics order. I am impatiently waiting for the order to come and it seems like ages. I will talk more about that in that upcoming haul and swatch post.

ANYWAYS, on to the look. Here is the final look!

Look for more pictures (and a special announcement) after the jump!

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Review: Makeup Forever HD Foundation for Dry to Normal Skin

Hello Loves,
I figure I get started on my first review. I was unsure what I wanted to review but I somehow had the urge to review this foundation. I have been wearing this foundation a lot lately and figured to give a review on how I feel about it. I have had this foundation for a few years and want to tell you my thoughts on it. I want to mention that I have dry skin during the harsh winters where I live and normal/combo skin during the summer.

Review after the jump!

Tutorial: Colorful Cut-Crease and Double Wing Look

Hello Loves,
I am gonna start posting some tutorials that I previously posted on my old reddit account. I want to share you guys some of the previous work I did. Also, I like teaching you guys new techniques and looks. In this look, I wanted to use new products I got at this time. This was also when I got my first indie makeup order. I was so excited to use the unique shades I got.

Here is the final look!

Read on for the tutorial!

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Tutorial: St. Patrick's Day Eye Pictorial

Hello loves,
I love doing holiday looks. It gives me an excuse to do my makeup all crazy. Today, I will give the steps to do you own St. Patty's day eye look. Be prepared because this post is picture heavy for obvious reasons.

This is also a little before and after. My skin did not like having all those gears on it and as you can imagine how amazing taking them off is. It wasn't. It wasn't painful but left a mark and was a bit sore afterwards.
Final Look
Read on for the tutorial!

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Makeup Art: Metal Elemental Deity

Hello loves!
I have been so excited for this and it has FINALLY COME. I talked with a few makeupaddiction ladies on reddit and decided to add my own rendition to their elemental post. I chose to do metal and kind of went with my inspirations. This required a trip to Michaels, so this means serious business.

Read and view on for even more images, a product list, and what not!


Wednesday, March 12, 2014

More exciting stuff to come and look forward to!

Hello everyone!
I am still getting adjusted to blogging and the fact that I actually have a blog. I just want to give you a few hints into planned posts and also a teaser for a very exciting post for me!
I have not been able to do much post-wise because I have been on vacation. However, I got a few posts for you to look forward to.

First, it is a very exciting week come March 17th to 21st. The 17th is St. Patricks day and I have plans to do an awesome look themed after that and then...

March 21st is MY BIRTHDAY!!!!!! Yep, not super exciting because I am just getting older at this point. But that doesn't stop me from being an ultra sexy vixen and having amazing makeup to go with it. So plan on seeing something fantabulous for that.

Also, I have had something in the works for about a week now. Now I shall tease you with some really vague picture of shtuffs
Elle, what the hell?
Gears. They are fun to play with... No, they really are. But, what do they have to do with makeup? Find out in a few days :) I shall make you anxiously wait. Basically, I am so stoked for this that I am doing a "faux-toshoot." Get it? Huh, huh? Ok, never mind.

Anyways, exciting week for you guys because we get to share the love of makeup together! Make sure to stalk my Instagram (@pittpantherelle) because I usually can post stuff there more quickly than here!

Until next time, have a beautiful day!

Monday, March 10, 2014

IMATS LA 2014 Haul and Swatches

Hello my loves,
This marks my first real blog post! Yeah, so exciting!

Today, I provide you with my haul from IMATS in Los Angeles that I attended earlier this year (in 2014). It was an amazing experience to go to California because I have always wanted to see what all of the haba-balu was all about. It lived up to all the hype, and I loved that it was warm there. I know this is a small thing to appreciate but I live somewhere where its cold and has lots of snow. I think before we left for the trip, we actually experienced sub-zero temperatures, and it was -8 Fahrenheit if I recall correctly. It was ironic how a day after our arrival back home, we experienced similar temperatures. Love you too, Mother Nature.

I just want to talk a little bit about the experience before we get onto the goodies. The year before, I went to IMATS NYC and I loved, loved, loved every minute. Coming to this IMATS, I knew what to expect. While I still had an amazing time, I didn't enjoy as much as the first time I went. I definitely think it is not only because it was second time doing this but also the crowds. Fact: I am not a huge fan of crowds. I am glad that I got there one hour early to get to everything early and hit up every stand I wished to visit. However, the line to the venue was absolutely INSANE one hour before the show opened, and I believe it wrapped around the block. I am so glad I had some coffee while waiting. Gotta love me some coffee.

Alright, what you have been waiting for, THE HAUL.

The goodies!
Read on for swatches, prices, and how I budget for this spectacular event!

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Welcome to the blog celebrating my obsessions.

Hello everyone!
Welcome to my blog! I created this blog to share all of my obsessions with you. I guess I will share what the obsessions you will be looking forward to:
Makeup. It is something I really got into freshmen year of college. I love how the way you do your makeup can completely change how you look, and it instantly gives you a huge confidence boost. Absolutely amazing. It is also really relaxing to slowly apply makeup and watch YouTube videos, which is something I do too often. Makeup also has another special part in my heart that I will not disclose at this moment...
Food. Once I didn't live in college dorms, the world was my pickle with my food choices. I stepped out of my comfort zone because honestly, I was a really picky eater. I made different foods I would have never ate before and was surprised to love what I made. It also one of the most gratifying things to eat something absolutely delicious and think "I MADE THIS DELICIOUSNESS."
Look forward to all the amazingness to come. I want to share my loves and make my loves your loves as well.
Love to all those that are reading, and until next time, have a beautiful day :)