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Sunday, November 16, 2014

Tutorial: My Anniversary Look (Smokey Eye and Winged Liner Combo)

Hello Loves!

I am very excited to be posting this! I went to my Instagram to ask my followers to vote on their favorite of four trial looks that I would be doing for my anniversary. This one was the most liked, so I went ahead and did it. As a little bonus for my lovely followers participating, I wanted to make a tutorial for the look! After doing my trial looks, I actually loved this look the most and am really glad others thought the same :)

Here's the final look:

From the anniversary dinner <3
Tutorial after the jump!

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Tutorial: How to Use Color - Neutral and Mint Cut Crease

Hello Loves!

This is the second tutorial that I have done for my IMAM (Indiemakeupandmore) exchange partner and this tutorial is to help introduce her to color! One of the best ways to use color is to pair it with a neutral. The looks are a bit more toned down whenever you use a neutral with a color. I know this look may be a tad dramatic (I am ALL about the drama) but the beauty of makeup is that you can modify it to your liking. The world is your pickle (Laura Vitale got that stuck in my head...)! I would recommend adding black winged liner to this to complete it a bit more. I was trying to get something done before I lost sunlight to take photos, which still happened. That is the worst thing about winter, the fact that you wake up when it is still dark and it is dark soooooo early. Also, the cold. The winters are harsh were I live. Anyways...

Here is the final look!

Tutorial after the jump!

Friday, November 7, 2014

Tutorial: Simple Duochrome Smokey Eye

Hello Loves,

Today I got a tutorial for you! I haven't done one in a long time cause I've been so busy with class! I did manage to get some time to do tutorials. I actually made this and the next tutorial for my IMAM exchange partner to introduce her to rainbow of colors and duochrome. Colors can be intimidating and it takes time to get used to using them. I used to be strictly a neutrals girl but now, I LOVE color! :)

Today, I am doing a simple smokey eye using ONE eyeshadow. Yes, one eyeshadow was used for this whole entire eye look, but if desired, you can add a transition color and a highlight to the inner corner and browbone. The trick is when and when not to use your brush wet because it changes the intensity of the duochrome shimmer. If you want something quick, simple, yet still sultry, this is for you. I recommend using any darker duochrome colors you want but the eye product I used is Diggy, Diggy Hole by Shiro Cosmetics.

Here is the final look:

Tutorial after the jump!