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Friday, July 31, 2015

Tutorial: Blown Out Rainbow-Black Smokey Eye

Hello Loves!

I had an idea. A crazy idea. I wanted to do a super blown out black eye but the center is black and it is  blown out in the colors of the rainbow. In my head, I called it the "Rainbow Blackhole." This idea finally came to fruition, and I posted it on my Instagram. I got such a positive reaction that some followers wanted a tutorial. Today, I finally post the tutorial I created here on my blog.

Here is the final look:

Keep reading after the jump for the pictorial!

Add your first color (I used peach) to the inner, upper crease.
PRODUCT USED: Dawn Eyes Cosmetics Peach Matte and Pastel Peach Matte
BRUSHES USED: Hakuhodo J5529
Whenever you add your colors, you can start wherever you want and whatever color you want. Do what is easiest for you. I found it much easier to start on the upper lid and inner corner first. Also, I find lighter colors look better in the inner tear duct.

Whenever you progress to the next area and add a new color, do it in a rainbow sort of fashion. So, if you add a color next to peach, it should be red or yellow, and so on for other colors. That is, if you are keeping to a traditional rainbow look here.

Add you next color (I used yellow) to the inner tear duct area.
PRODUCT USED: Dawn Eyes Cosmetics Light Yellow Matte

Add the next color (I used red) in the middle crease area.
PRODUCT USED: Dawn Eyes Cosmetics Red Matte
BRUSHES USED: Chikuhodo Sakura Crease Brush

Add the next color (I used purple) to the outer crease/corner.
PRODUCT USED: Sugarpil Poison Plum
BRUSHES USED: Hakuhodo S142
 I had a little trouble blending this shade later on in the look. I highly recommend adding lighter purple base shade to make it blend better. I used Dawn Eyes Cosmetics Pastel Purple Matte for this purpose. I used this method for the first to pictures on this post.

Add the next color (I used green) on the inner lower lash line.
PRODUCT USED: Dawn Eyes Cosmetics Lime Green Matte
Sugarpill Acidberry was later used later on.

Add the next color (I used blue) to the outer lash line.
PRODUCT USED: Dawn Eyes Cosmetics Electric Bluc Matte
Sugarpill Velocity was used later on
BRUSHES USED: Chikuhodo Z-10
 Now, your rainbow base should be complete. Now, we can start to add the black center to this blown our smokey eye.

Add a black base for our black shadow.
This should be done on the lid and lower lash line.
PRODUCT USED: NYX Cosmetics Black Bean Jumbo Pencil
BRUSHES USED: Real Techniques Accent Brush

Add the black shadow on top and blend.
PRODUCT USED: Makeup Geek Corrupt
BRUSHES USED: Chikuhodo Sakura Flat Eyeshadow Brush and a variety of blending brushes
Perfect the look, add lashes and mascara, and done!
PRODUCT USED: Koko Lashes Foxy
Eylure Vegas Nay Grand Glamor Lashes were used in the first few photos of this post.

I hope that you enjoyed the tutorial! If you recreate this and post on Instagram, make sure to use my hashtag #pittpantherelle so that I am able to see it! If you post on reddit, mention me in your product list that you post! I love seeing and hearing people recreating my looks!

 Until next time,
Have a beautiful day!

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